Parsha Poetry

We Learn (Torah)

We learn what it means to be the people of Israel: that at any moment as we wander we carry with us two aronot – two sacred burdens. The aron-meitim: The coffin, filled with Joseph’s bones and The aron-kodesh: The Holy Ark, which holds the Commandments; God’s words inscribed in stone. In one hand, our […]

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The Torah speaks of brothers reconciling But can I be reconciled unto myself? What is the secret? Jacob hides everything that is dear to him across a river before confronting his demons. He protects them but is himself injured, and his fraternal reconciliation is brief; incomplete But Joseph gets it right. He reveals himself to

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Vayeira 5780

Women birthing babies is the essence of everything the beginning of us all And yet such a complicated thing not a simple matter of choosing where and when and how A woman can pray for a baby that never comes can lose many along the way can die trying to bring about life A woman

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